• Glimpse of Exhibit

    “Iron-armoured Buds” Science ExhibitTime: August 7—August 31. Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00-17:00 dailyVenue: Xuhui District Library Mantingfang Exhibit Room

  • Yuz Museum at Xuhui Riverside: Myth/History: Yuz Collection of Contemporary Art

    Time: May 18—November 18, 2014Price: RMB60 for adult; RMB30 for students and aged citizensAddress: 35, Fenggu Lu, Xuhui Disttrict (in the south of the crossroad of Longteng Avenue/Fenggu Lu)Opening Hours: 1030-17:30 (Open all year round except Monday)Tel: 8621 6426 1901 Tags: Xuhui Riverside, Yuz Museum, Budi Tek, Myth/History: Yuz Collection of Contemporary Art Yuz Museum has launched the inaugural exhibition “Myth/History: Yuz Collection of Contemporary Art” commemorating the grand opening of the Museum in Shanghai on May 18 this year. The exhibition showcases masterpieces of many famous contemporary artists from home and abroad. Wu Hung, the art commentator and professor from the University of Chicago is the curator of this exhibition. Located along the West Bund in Xuhui District, Yuz Museum, Shanghai is a is an important representative project of the “West Bund Cultural Corridor”. Neighboring Longteng Avenue in the east and Fenggu Lu in the north, the museum boasts a total area of 9,000 square meters, among which the hangar-converted main gallery alone covers over 3,000 square meters. By retaining the unique sense of grandeur of this enormous structure, the space perfectly sets off the magnificence of the installations in Mr. Tek’s collection. Famous art commentator Wu Hung from the University of Chicago is the curator of the exhibition whose theme is “Myth / History: Yuz Collection of Contemporary Art, presenting more than 100 pieces of collected works of Mr. Tek in the unique space constructed with large-scale art structures. Focused on the concept of “mythology” and “history”, the exhibition intends to tap the basic tendency and logic of creation and narration of contemporary art. The exhibition also includes all famous artists in China’s history of contemporary art. The media covers a good number of art forms including installation art, painting, sculpture and photography, entertaining the audience with the double appreciation of visual beauty and art beauty. The exhibition declares the opening of a new public exhibition space for contemporary art in China, which intuitively reflects the special character and direction of collections of the Yuz Foundation.


  • KS Cross-stitch Embroidery

    Brand embroidery threads, patterns, clothes, needles and accessories, plus package products of cross-stitch embroidery are all available at KS Cross-stitch Embroidery. Cross-stitch embroidery is a form of handicraft for fun and entertainment. Originated from Europe over 100 years ago, the handicraft has become popular in more than 200 countries around the world, favored by people of different nationalities and skins. Embroidery is a very natural hobby of Chinese women because China has the longest history of embroidery. Almost every woman is a potential consumer of cross-stitch embroidery. Promoted by KS Cross-Stitch Embroidery from both the cultural and industrial aspects, cross-stitch embroidery has become a fashionable and entertaining industry in China. Store address: 400, Guilin Lu


  • Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center

    Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center consists of the East Zone and the West Zone. The West Hall in the West Zone is a standard exhibition hall with three floors, offering 1,200 standard exhibition booths with a total area of 25,000 square meters. The hall is comprehensively equipped with central air-conditioner, water supply & drainage, electricity, modern communication facilities, internet, and meeting rooms for technical workshop purposes over the running of the exhibitions. The East Hall is in the middle of the connected building complex of the East Zone, offering 322 standard exhibition booths with 7,500 square meters. The reasonable layout enables exhibitors to organize the exhibition on the first floor and host keynote workshops or keynote speeches on the second floor. The special arrangement of boosting exhibition with workshops or promoting exhibitions through conferences optimizes the utilization of time and space in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center.


  • Shanghai South Railway Station

    Shanghai South Railway Station which consist the main terminal buildings and the Southern Square and the Northern Square covers a total land area of 60 hectares, extending to Liuzhou Lu in the east, Laohumin Lu in the west, Humin Lu in the north and Shilong Lu in the south. The main terminal building is a grand circular of steel structure with more than 200 meters of diameter. Being 47 meters tall, the holistic structure offers over 50,000 square meters of construction space, which is massive and breathtaking. Trains pass from under the elevated parts of the main terminal building which is designed to be clear and connected between the south and the east, with entry from the higher part and exit from the lower part, and passengers’ waiting on the elevated level. The main terminal building has basically three levels. The Middle Level of the same height as the ground serves as the platforms. There are 13 railways and six platforms, with passages connected to the Southern Square and the Northern Square. There are also the VIP Waiting Room and a police station. The Upper Level is the Departure Level which is an elevated circular platform with a diameter of 800 meters, which is capable to accommodate more than 10,000 passengers who can get to their trains through different ticket checking gates and passages. The Lower Level is the Arrival Level which conveniently leads passengers to different exits, the Underground Transfer Hall, Metro Line 1, Metro Line 3, Light Rail L1 whose construction is to be completed soon, long-distance bus stations and city tour bus stations. The Southern Square and the Northern Square are designed to be green space and tourism distribution center. There are two floors of stores, roads and parking places with a total area of 120,000 square meters underground the two squares. A total land area of 2.77 square kilometers in the area of Shanghai South Railway Station has been planned for development, extending Humin Lu and Longhua Port in the north, Shilong Lu, Luocheng Lu and Laohumin Lu in the south, Longwu Lu in the east and Guilin Nanlu in the west. The area is planned to be developed into a world-class urban area, with landscape design matching the prosperity of Shanghai as a metropolitan. The area is expected to interact and develop together with Xujiahui as the sub-center of the city, Longhua Tourism City, Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center, and Xuhui riverside development belt, growing into a downtown communication platform of Shanghai that serves the country and faces the world.