KS Cross-stitch Embroidery


Brand embroidery threads, patterns, clothes, needles and accessories, plus package products of cross-stitch embroidery are all available at KS Cross-stitch Embroidery. Cross-stitch embroidery is a form of handicraft for fun and entertainment. Originated from Europe over 100 years ago, the handicraft has become popular in more than 200 countries around the world, favored by people of different nationalities and skins. Embroidery is a very natural hobby of Chinese women because China has the longest history of embroidery. Almost every woman is a potential consumer of cross-stitch embroidery. Promoted by KS Cross-Stitch Embroidery from both the cultural and industrial aspects, cross-stitch embroidery has become a fashionable and entertaining industry in China. 

Store address: 400, Guilin Lu