Activity of “Tolling the Longhua Evening Bell for New Year”

“Longhua Evening Bell” is one of famous “Eight Scene in Shanghai”, which can comparable with “Midnight Bell” of Hanshan Temple outside Gusu City.

On New Year’s Eve every year, thousands of Chinese and foreign tourists gather in Longhua Temple in order to toll the Buddhist evening bell for 108 times, praying for blessings to meet auspiciousness, and seeing the New Year in altogether. It is of infinite interest that the historical relics exhibition of musical instruments used in the Buddhist or Taoist mass, guess folk lantern riddle, overlay New Year postmark and activity of sending wishes through sutra streamers, etc. While the characteristic items of large-scale on lifting off the fireworks, square false masks revel, “Auspicious Longhua Tree—making a vow through the swan goose” have formed the grand scene of “gala night with fiery trees and silver flowers” even more, which demonstrate a happy and auspicious atmosphere of seeing the New Year in. The whole activity will last from the night of New Year’s Eve to the next morning, the activity rises on after another, therefore, it has gained good reputation of “New Year’s 1st Tourist Place of Shanghai City”.